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Unifying the People of Springfield

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Working Families Party

Democratic Party of Lane County

Sean VanGordon, Springfield City Councilor - Ward 1

Steve Moe

Kris McAlister, Co-Director, Carry It Forward

Zach Bessett, Chair, Springfield School Board

“Johanis has a big heart, he loves our community with all of his being. I trust him to tirelessly champion the values we hold dear. Johanis has a proven track record of collaborative leadership in our community.”

Nancy Golden, Former Springfield School District Superintendent;

Oregon Chief Education Officer (Retired)

Emilio Hernandez, Jr., PhD, Springfield School Board, Retired Educator, Community Advocate

“The time has come for Springfield to acknowledge the youth and diversity of our evolving city. The voices of these communities need to be heard. I believe Mr. Tadeo is the candidate to hear and connect those  voices.”

Johnny Lake, PhD, Assistant Professor of Education; Administrator on Special Assignment with 4-J School District; International Equity & Cross-Cultural Educator, Trainer and Consultant


Reverend June Fothergill

“As a member of the Springfield Alliance for Equity and Respect, I have appreciated working with Johanis. He is a fine, reliable leader who cares deeply for his community. I think we need him on the City Council.”

Leilani Sabzalian, PhD, Assistant Professor of Indigenous Studies in Education;

Co-Director of the Sapsik’walá (Teacher) Education Program, University of Oregon

“I am proud to vote for Johanis Tadeo. His leadership in mentoring LatinX youth, experience in community organizing, and commitment to underrepresented communities make him an ideal candidate.”

Ofelia Guzman, Owner, Ofelia Guzman Photography

Johanis Tadeo is an amazing human. Springfield needs him as a City Councilor. I’m proud to endorse him.”


”Goosebump Teacher Moment: My former student, Johanis Tadeo is running for Springfield City Council. You have ALWAYS had my vote, Johanis. So proud of you and thankful for all you do for our community! Springfield, this man will work hard for you! VOTE!”  Keslie D’Avanzo-Down


“You are making history Johanis Tadeo. I’m so proud of you and so thankful for all the support you are giving to your community. Gracias y juntos lograremos muchos cambios en nuestra comunidad.” Ofelia Santiago


“Thank you Johanis Tadeo for everything you are doing and helping the community.”  Yesenia Avalos

“You are so so impressive, Mr. Tadeo.  Always bulding.  Our community is so lucky to have you in it!”

 Jericho Casey Dunn


Marilee Woodrow, Springfield City Council, Ward 2


"I’m delighted that Johanis Tadeo is running for the City Council. He is positive, uplifting, hardworking, energetic, full of integrity and will work for ALL of Springfield. This courageous young Springfield native will be an absolute asset to our continued revitalization."

Joe Berney, Lane County Commissioner, District 2—Springfield


"Johanis Tadeo has been a tireless advocate for the less fortunate in the Springfield community, and I fully expect him to continue as an asset to all of us. I would be proud to serve alongside of him on the Springfield City Council."

Leonard Stoehr, Springfield Councilor, Ward 4