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I have lived in Springfield since I was 3 years old and attended Springfield’s public schools. Growing up in Springfield, I was impacted by the atmosphere of anxiety and struggle as jobs were lost and local businesses were closed with the shutting down of the mills, I deeply felt the fear and outrage as families were torn apart by the 1997 ICE raids and, like many, was traumatized by the shooting at Thurston High School.


Because of my personal experiences, I understand the key issues that families, students, business owners and underrepresented communities face. I have been an active participant in a community that continues to come together to find and access the necessary resources for our families to succeed.


This is why I firmly believe that I am the right person to serve and represent all of the people of Springfield. It is also my firm belief that we must be a unifying force at a time when our country is at its most divided.

  • Advocate for underrepresented communities with the police and the school district. I help folks navigate within the City so that underrepresented communities can have their voices heard. 

  • During the COVID crisis: 

    • Housing - I have provided information in Spanish about housing rights and let renters know that evictions are not legal at this time and that they should not be threatened by landlords. Unfortunately, some families had already been illegally evicted. I contacted Legal Aid, Commissioner Joe Berney and testified to the Commissioners who said they would investigate. 

    • School District - When families told me that their children were not receiving their lunches, I contacted the district and it was resolved.  Many families were not aware of the laptops available for distance learning. School District staff asked me to announce it live on my Facebook page, because it is a source of community information.

    • Food assistance - With a group of volunteers, I began a food bank to receive donations and distribute food boxes to those marginalized residents who are most in need of food assistance.

    • Small Businesses - Many small businesses are closed or operating minimally. Minority-owned Springfield small businesses did not receive their share of the loans from the State to Lane County or the Federal CARE Act small business loans. I contacted the City of Springfield and Commissioner Berney to make sure that the minority-owned small businesses receive an equitable opportunity for future loan allocation. I provided them a list of these businesses.

  • ICE Expelled: I led a successful community effort to cancel a an 8-year ICE contract with the Springfield Jail. 

  • College Tuition Equity: I was part of a strong Oregon student of color coalition that successfully lobbied in Salem to give the right for all Oregonians to pay in-state tuition, regardless of status. 

  • Equal Access to Roads Act (HB 2015):  I advocated for the passage of HB 2015 in the Oregon State Legislature. The successful passage of the bill amended state law and removed the requirement that potential driver’s prove U.S. citizenship or legal residency to receive a state license.

  • Ballot Measure 105: I helped organize canvassing in Springfield and hosted forums that raised awareness and opposition to this anti-immigrant measure.

  • United Young Activists: Created a student run program that taught ethnic studies; how to navigate the k-12 system; helped build a stronger, positive identity; prepare for post-secondary education; and ways to connect and engage to become young proud leaders.

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